Aunty Frank

Quite frankly, we’re just doing it for the kids.

Aunty Frank founder Shari Amos wanted to push boundaries in the competitive industry of digital marketing and put family first.

We partnered on naming, brand strategy, brand identity & logo design, website design and webflow development.


Digital marketing is overwhelming for business owners and entrepreneurial parents. Multiple platforms and an ever changing landscape of technical jargon. Lead generation, conversion optimisation, engagement...blah blah blah. Aunty Frank set out to inspire business owners in positive environment with a playful voice.

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Armed with cup of tea and a dream we worked with Shari to develop a strategy around what matters most, family. We came up with the name Aunty Frank (one of our favourites), then used our discovery framework to bring Aunty Frank alive in the form of a bold and simple brand identity and website. Frankly the most fun we've had in a long time.

I knew what I wanted to create but I had no idea how to get there. HNDRX really 'GOT ME' and turned my ideas into a beautiful creative brand that I can now grow. I now have a brand and website that I'm truly proud of...allowing me to be confident in the services I offer my clients.

Shari Amos

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