powerful branding for progressive brands

Three members of the HNDRX team sitting on a couch, having a discussion while reviewing something on a laptop.

We're a curious cOLLECTIVE. Questioning exploring new possibilities. We challenge. WE expect to be. We love working with those open to change, willing to shift their perspective and industries.

We choose authenticity. Being endlessly curious allows us to work with people who fit right. If there’s a connection and we align, great. If things aren’t flowing, we’re more than happy to guide people to a different solution.
We design for people, not egos. We don’t aim to just create logos that will get awards and websites that will wow the big players. We tune in deeply to user experience, inviting them to be a part of something and use a holistic process that taps into a brand’s ‘why’.
There are plenty of agencies that choose pretentiousness over people. If that’s your thing, they’ll be waiting for you with corporate jargon, hefty prices and cookie-cutter solutions. We approach every branding project with a bespoke solution.
Logical thinking unearths creativity. We use thoughtful, strategy-led methods to discover the essence of a brand, then refine this until we reach something we’re all proud of.
In a world teeming with noise, achieving distinction requires a willingness to embrace the unconventional. Our approach to branding is rooted in the belief that to truly stand out, one must be open to change.