When normal isn't normal something needs to change

Venture capital is an industry that prioritises growth potential and profit which often comes at a cost. Renorm is a start up created to flip the script to purpose over profit. Empowering people for the planet.

We partnered on brand strategy, brand identity & logo design.


How do we develop a strategy and brand identity that empowers value-aligned entrepreneurs to transform communities, improve the environment and build a better future?

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We built a dynamic bold brand that dares to leads with purpose and is invested in change. The results are a striking brand identity combined with a subtle logo type. The playful pattern paired with an empowering, inspirational tone of voice cuts through the New Zealand venture capital market.

Doing all the brand strategy work at the beginning made it really simple for use to create a brand that connects with our audience. The brand identity is so easy to use across all of our digital platforms and the response we've had from entrepreneurs has been outstanding.

Michael Khuwattansenee, CEO

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