Labour of Wild

Breathing new life into an age old craft

Working against mass production, fast fashion and deciduous clothing, Labour of Wild puts personalisation first creating bespoke fur felt hats.

We partnered on naming, brand strategy, brand identity & logo design, website design and webflow development.


Fast fashion, cheap clothes and next day delivery come at the cost of quality and individuality. Standing against the sweatshop, Labour of Wild is the antithesis of mass manufacturing. We were tasked to create a brand that was respectful to a traditional craft but daring enough break new ground.

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Before naming, we did a deep discovery session to understand the aspirations of Labour of Wild, their objectives and their customers. Everything had to reflect the passion and dedication with a drop of hat making madness for good measure. After the naming process, we tackled the identity, finding inspiration from vintage plant posters and organic typefaces. The end result is an adaptable brand identity which includes hand drawn illustrations, vintage type setting and modern animations.

We needed a brand that crossed the intersection between art, design and fashion. HNDRX pushed us to create a distinct brand that steps away from our competition. It's put us in the perfect position to grow and expand.

Lisa Uphill, Hat Maker

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